Sanam Jung Talks About What A 'Right Man' Is

Sanam Jung shared a video in which she discussed the qualities women should look for in an ideal life partner.

Sanam Jung Talks About What A 'Right Man' Is
Caption: Sanam Jung

Speaking in a video, actress and television show host Sanam Jung addressed her viewers about the qualities a 'right man' should have. 

She stressed upon the need for a man to make a woman independent and not cause her to be dependent on him. "You need to understand... If a man is making you independent and empowering you then that is the right man," said Sanam.

But her words were not appreciated by some. One person commented under the Instagram video: "We dont need your suggestion mam . We have islam. If a man not allowed me to do work in this disgusting society. I will be very happy with him . Because he cares more about me."

Another commentator also vehemently disagreed with what Sanam was saying, commentating that "ajeeb bakwas ha wo mard jo khud sara din khawar ho k ap ki aur bacho ki zrorte pori karta zamane ki skahti nhi ane deta wo asal mard hota ha" (what nonsense, a man who works all day to fulfil his wife and children's needs to ensure they remain protected from hardships, that is what a real man is). 

With a debate ignited, some commentators agreed with what Sanam was saying. "People in the comments sections have absolutely no clue what Sanam is trying to say. Islam ko beech mai le kaar arey hai - She’s talking about a man who’s goal is to keep you dependent purposefully on him. Even if he’s the provider and can fulfill your expenses comfortably, he should be encouraging his wife to fulfill her own goals and dreams and give her the tools and resources to do so and not to keep them from her! That’s a secure man who empowers his women. Driving and banking are basics and if he’s keeping that from her on purpose he’s making sure immobile and financially incapable of making even basic grocery purchases. All so she has to ask his permission in a way," wrote one person. 

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