Long March Against Baloch Genocide

The Baloch are Pakistanis and they are asking to not be killed.

Long March Against Baloch Genocide

The long march against Baloch took birth in Turbat after the extra judicial killing of Balach Baloch with other three in a fake encounter of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and bodies were hand overed to the families but Balach's family didn't accept this and took the body to Shaheed Fida Chowk where protests are held.

Their first demand was that Balach was an innocent and was brought in court where his case was heard by the judicial magistrate and was given for 10 days judicial enquiry. According his lawyer the bill papers were ready on Tuesday; his bill will be taken by me from the judicial magistrate but unfortunately on that night he was killed in a fake encounter. His lawyer said that  while he had seen his report in social media that Balach Mola Bakhsh has been killed how could such a thing happen since Balach was in CTD's custody?

Despite this, Balach's family requested the city police to accept their FIR but police refused to take the FIR. Then the protestors increased and they took the protest towards different areas of Turbat to let the residents join the protest. With the passage of time people start taking part in the protest and still the FIR was not taken by City Police even more than two times the protesters took the protest and came in front the City Police Station. Finally the FIR was accepted by the Turbat Session Court but no action has been taken against the criminals of Balach Baloch.

However, this protest changed into a long march for finishing Baloch Genocide. Under Baloch Yakjahti Committee - Kech, the protestors announced a long march against Baloch genocide and for fundraising the protestors leader made an advertisement in which an Allied Bank account number was mentioned. But this account was blocked from Islamabad and access to funds was restricted. The protestors were also not allowed to go to Islamabad's National Press Club where the agenda was to address the Baloch genocide and demand an end for it and bring the abducted people in courts.

Finally, after great difficulty and harsh circumstances, the long march reached Punjab where  Islamabad's police treated them like animals. Water was thrown on the protestors, young males and females were beaten with sticks on the road and men were abducted. Additionally, older women and small girls were forced to sit in the buses and were sent back to Quetta. Rest of them were taken to a torture cell along Dr Mahrang Baloch who was leading the long march in Islamabad.

The protestors' mobile phones were blocked to prevent them from contacting lawyers. The most interesting fact is that not a single FIR was filed against the protestors even though they were arrested by the police.

Despite all this the protestors carried on to the National Press Club where the the loud speaker was stolen by unknown people who were wearing masks on their faces. It is fact, that at their presence, the police was informed by the protestors but the police took no action against these unknown people. 

The Baloch are Pakistanis and they are asking to not be killed, asking for basic necessities and fundamental rights, asking that their abducted people be brought into court and then let the court to decide if they have done something wrong against the policies of the state.

It is completely unjust that Baloch people are being killed in fake encounters, being abducted, being tortured mentally in the universities of their own country, such as Punjab University, where just by having a Baloch name, some teachers treat the Baloch students completely in different ways to the point where the students become mentally ill or are tortured.

Old mothers and fathers, small girls and boys are sitting in the protest to get their beloved ones back. All they ask is that if they have been killed, the dead bodies should be returned or at least some information about them should be passed on.

Balochistan is the new Gaza where the residents are being killed by Israeli army without any reason. Here too no one is aware when she/he going to be abducted and why. The long march against Baloch genocide is for missing persons and according to the recent reports  Zaheer Baloch has been released and 38 students are in their torture cells. Let the Baloch to live their lives peacefully just not to kill them .