PM Imran Defends PECA Ordinance, Says It Is Being Brought To Control 'Obscene' Content

PM Imran Defends PECA Ordinance, Says It Is Being Brought To Control 'Obscene' Content
Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the nation, defended the controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) Ordinance, suggesting that the step had to be taken due to the rumours about his marriage circulating on media.

"We brought this law because obscene content is disseminated on social media. Doctored photos are being shared online. Even the country's prime minister is not spared," he said.

Khan further said that derogatory remarks were made against Minister Muard Saeed and the latter plans to take legal action against the same in the UK.

The prime minister went on to say that it is being stated that press freedom is under attack, but it was PML-N that introduced PECA in 2016. "The PTI government has only amended it," he said, adding that 70 percent of news on the media is against the ruling party.

Further, the PM said that Jang Group reported that Shaukat Khanum's money is being used by PTI, which was a false report.

Prices reduced

PM Imran Khan announced that the price of petrol would be cut by Rs10 per litre and the price of electricity would be reduced by Rs 5 per unit. He said that he was given a summary by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and they wanted him to increase the prices of petrol and diesel by Rs10 due to the rise in the price in global markets. "Today I want to tell you this good news that we will decrease the prices instead of increasing them," he said.
He announced that petrol and electricity prices would not be increased until the next budget.

'Independent foreign policy'

Talking about his visit to Russia, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the global situation is rapidly changing and it will impact Pakistan. He then said that the country's foreign policy must be independent. "Growing up, I was always made to realise that I was lucky to have been born in a a foreign country. Therefore I always wanted Pakistan's foreign policy to be free. This means that the country makes foreign policy for its nation instead of adopt an approach that harms the country," he said.

PM Khan added that when Pakistan participated in America's war on terror, the country had nothing to do with it. "I had been saying from day one that we should not have taken part in it. But we were bombed by the US. More than 400 drone attacks were carried out in Pakistan by our own ally," he said.

Khan added that the previous governments told the US that they do not mind collateral damage. "Those who have wealth abroad will not put the country first," he said.

The PM also announced that Pakistan will import gas from Russia, which he said was decided during his visit to the country last week.