Will Not Hold Negotiations With TTP, Reiterates FO

Will Not Hold Negotiations With TTP, Reiterates FO
Pakistan has rejected the idea of conducting talks with individuals who engage in terrorism in the country and reiterated that no such discussions will take place in the future.

During the weekly media briefing, the Foreign Office's spokesperson responded to a question on the Afghan Taliban's request that Pakistan hold talks with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) by saying, "I have responded in the past as well, and I will reaffirm. Pakistan maintains that it will not engage in negotiations with people or organizations that have been linked to the killing of Pakistani citizens or members of the security forces or who refuse to recognize the country's constitution.

The position of Pakistan has been stated quite clearly, especially to those who suggest holding such talks.

In an interview with a British media outlet, the FO spokesperson said that the Afghan foreign ministry's viewpoint differs from Pakistan's.

For the first time, Pakistan also made an official statement about the ongoing civil war in India's Manipur province.

"We are keeping track of the developments. We've also heard statements from the world community expressing their worry about the situation minorities are facing in India," the spokesperson added.

The spokesman stated, "As you know, we have stressed several times that the safety and security of minorities and their places of worship should be protected by the Indian government.