Arafat Sermon: Unity A Cause For Salvation, Muslim Ummah urged

Arafat Sermon: Unity A Cause For Salvation, Muslim Ummah urged
Sheikh Yusuf bin Muhammad bin Saeed, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, on Tuesday, delivered the Hajj Arafat sermon at the Nimra Mosque in the plains of Arafat near Makkah.

The day sees all Hajj pilgrims descend upon the plains of Arafat, offer prayers in the historic mosque and by evening time scale the nearby hill named Mount Arafat, from where Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his sermon. The day is said to be the climax of the Hajj and among the holiest for pilgrims, even though it may not end all the rites associated with the five-day pilgrimage.

On Tuesday, Saeed urged the nearly three million Muslim Ummah gathered in Arafat to forge unity and cohesion to reap benefits in this world and the hereafter. Unity and cohesion, he urged, were key to a prosperous and harmonious society.

"All praise belongs to Allah, the Almighty, the One who bestows abundantly. He made unity a cause for salvation and division a cause for punishment. He, the Absolutely Perfect, commanded that our ranks be united, and our word be one, as a cohesive alliance, and made forbidden everything that leads to discords and divisions."

He quoted verses from the Quran and reminded the devotees of the principles of faith – including Towheed (belief in the Oneness of Allah) and the Prophethood of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Hajj 2023, Mount Arafat, Saudi Arabia

He highlighted the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), which emphasised unity, cooperation, and the prohibition of disputes and conflicts.

Imam Saeed urged the Muslims to observe Taqwa (righteousness) and obey Allah's commands in all aspects of life.

He stressed that linguistic, racial, and ethnic differences and divisions should not lead to any discord among Muslims. Citing Quranic verses, he argued that diversity in languages and colours of nations was not a sign of division but rather an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn from each other while building a united and harmonious society.

"Islam provides preventative measures and defensive strategies to counter destructive intentions and acts of sabotage aimed at dividing communities."

Imam Saeed stressed turning to scripture in conflict to chart a way forward.

Hajj 2023, Mount Arafat, prayers, Saudi Arabia

He also warned Muslims against paying heed to rumours and disinformation that sought to sow discord and disunity amongst the Ummah.

The Imam's message for unity comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is leading the tranformative charge of unity and integration in the region.