Police Claim To Arrest Man Who Attacked Latif Khosa's House

Police Claim To Arrest Man Who Attacked Latif Khosa's House
Lahore Police Investigation Deputy Inspector General Kamran Adil on Wednesday presented a suspect whom he claimed was the man who had mounted a gun attack on former Punjab governor and senior lawyer Latif Khosa's house earlier this month.

At a hurriedly called press conference at his office in Lahore, DIG Adil said that unidentified men had fired on the home of Latif Khosa on Razi Road in Lahore on June 16 and then fled. The attack injured Khosa's driver, and police launched an investigation.

He said that the attack was significant because Khosa was a prominent lawyer of the Supreme Court and a former governor of the province and a senior member of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

DIG Adil said that they started by rounding up many known suspects, and Punjab Police's Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) managed to trace and apprehend the alleged shooter, Mohsin alias 'Lamba'. He added that Mohsin was wanted in 14 cases of shooting and fleeing.

During questioning, Mohsin allegedly disclosed that he had agreed to carry out the attack on behalf of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Zubair Niazi in return for Rs1 million. Mohsin said that Niazi allegedly paid him Rs100,000 upfront as an advance, with the remaining to be paid after completing the deed.

Mohsin allegedly further told police that the objective was to sow discord between lawyers and the government and that, in this regard, he was due to attack the house of Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan next.

The alleged shooter further claimed that he was assisted by an accomplice, Kashif.


Adil said that Mohsin was a resident of Samnabad in the Millat Park area of Lahore.