Leading the Front: Women's Resilience & Peacebuilding in Gaza - "Uniting Women for a Shared Future"

Leading the Front: Women's Resilience & Peacebuilding in Gaza -

"We need to give women a place around the table. We need to listen to their voices because when we are there, we don't need to win each other; we have to find a way of living together. Women know how to do it. We are better in this duty in life." - Yael Admi

Host Faryal Shahzad conducts an impactful interview dedicated to celebrating womanhood and highlighting the remarkable resilience and courage of women in Palestine amidst unimaginable adversity. The conversation sheds light on the enduring spirit of women who persist despite physical and mental pain, grief, and the challenges of war-ravaged Palestine.

She is joined by representatives from two women-led organizations: Women Wage Peace, based in Israel, and Women of the Sun, based in Palestine. These organizations exemplify the power of collaboration between Palestinian and Israeli women toward a peaceful resolution to the Palestine crisis.

The co-founders of Women Wage Peace, Reem Soud, and the representative of Women of the Sun, Yael Admi, share insights into their partnership and the challenges they face in fostering peace amid the harsh realities of the conflict. They express solidarity and emphasize the shared vision of mothers on both sides who aspire to raise their children in peace, rather than as victims of war.