Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
Can Coca & Cola part the ways? Can Johnson & Johnson part the ways? Can Fortnum & Mason part the ways? Can Marks & Spencer part the ways? Indeed, can Mac and Donald part the ways? No, na? So, Shbaz Saab and I also cannot part the ways. Planners can go on planning, and there can be Brexit and Megxit but there can be no Shexit. As far planners, I got wind of their meeting with Shbaz Saab:

Gen Saab: This officer will sit in on our meeting.

Shbaz Saab: why?

Gen Saab: So that he can take notes.

Shbaz Saab: Please wait, Mian Saab is on the line… he says please cut off officer’s fingers so that he can do shorthand.

Gen Saab: Let’s move upstairs to conduct the meeting.

Shbaz Saab: Why?

Gen Saab: Because the PM is on the roof.

Shbaz Saab: Why?

Gen Saab: Because someone told him the Coca Cola was on the house.

Shbaz Saab: Ok, but what’s that alligator doing here?

Gen Saab: Which alligator?

Shbaz Saab: That alligator in a vest.

Gen Saab: Oh that’s our investigator.

Shbaz Saab: Gulp!

Gen Saab: Shall we get started?

Shbaz Saab: If you insist.

Gen Saab: Col. Investigator, please start the power point presentation.

Col. Investigator (alligator in a vest): Sahh! Let me log on with my password.

Shbaz Saab: What’s your password?

Col Investigator: MickeyMinnieGoofyDonaldDuckArchieBettyVeronicaIslamabad.

Shbaz Saab: Why’s your password so long?

Col Investigator: because, hello, it has to have at least 8 characters and a capital.

Gen Saab: Let me ask you a question, why do you want to fly off to London?

Shbaz Saab: Because it’s easier than walking.