26 Ex-Lawmakers To Join PML-Q After Exodus From PTI

26 Ex-Lawmakers To Join PML-Q After Exodus From PTI
According to reports cited by The News on Sunday, up to 26 former MPAs from Punjab have defected to the Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) after leaving the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) during the recent exodus following the May 9 riots.

One of the biggest political crises in the country's history, with PTI facing huge migration and a crackdown on violent demonstrations.

According to the report, these PTI defectors have indicated a desire to join the PML-Q, which is led by Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, the cousin of PTI President Chaudhry Parvez Elahi. According to sources, the ex-MPAs have asked the party leadership for tickets to run in future elections should they decide to join the party.

A number of people, including Chaudhry Akhlaq and Faizullah Kamoka, have been in touch with the PML-Q leadership.

Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, a prominent leader in the PML-Q, has been tasked with holding negotiations with the former assembly members and other parties. He also has the authority to adjust PTI members. The vast majority of PTI members who have gotten in touch with the PML-Q are from south Punjab.

After Khan's party members attacked military facilities, notably the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, after his detention on May 9 — a day the army named "Black Day"—they have been feeling the heat of the state's power.

At least eight people died and several more were hurt during the almost three-day-long protests, which saw the coalition government in power shut down the internet and deploy the military to preserve law and order.

Following the extraordinary attacks on defense and public sites, a crackdown on the PTI was initiated in order to apprehend the suspect responsible for the damage, with the highest civil-military leadership of the country promising to prosecute rioters in accordance with applicable laws, including the Army Act.

In conjunction with the violent protests, hundreds of workers and many party leaders have been detained.

Several other top members, including Fawad Chaudhary, Shireen Mazari, Maleeka Bokhari, and Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, have broken with Khan. Asad Umar, a close aide of Imran Khan, has resigned from his positions as secretary general and core committee member, citing the current circumstances.

Ali Zaidi, the head of PTI in Sindh, and Imran Ismail, a former governor of Sindh, were the last to leave.

Since the vandalism on May 9, they have openly condemned the assaults on state institutions and announced their departure from the former ruling party. Some have blamed Khan's policies for the attacks on the military sites.