PDM Thumps Its Chest As It Preps To Take On PTI

PDM Thumps Its Chest As It Preps To Take On PTI
The PTI Chairman has a new card to play in the form of dissolving the Punjab Assembly but will it have the desired result? The PML N certainly doesn’t think so as it gears up for a parliamentary meeting this Monday.

Although there is no indication of bringing in a no confidence motion against the Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi who was dismissive of the PML N’s federal government, other options are being explored.

On the other hand PTI Chairman Imran Khan has called his party leaders to discuss what the future holds if he asks for a dissolution which will result in resignations from both Punjab and KPK assemblies.

But what will happen if this does happen?

In Punjab, the PDM made up of the PML N and other parties, have almost 50% of the seats. This means if the PTI resignations take place, a provincial government can still be managed.

However in KPK there is a greater chance of Governor rule due to the lack of PDM parties, especially PML N presence, in the assembly as PTI holds majority of seats there.

In either situation it appears the matter may end up in the Supreme Court.