A More Accurate Picture Of Love - In Balochi

A More Accurate Picture Of Love - In Balochi

Love can happen suddenly, grow gradually, and eventually become strong. However, in our societies and environment, love is often portrayed as a more desperate longing than its accurate meaning or purpose. Love cannot be bought or decided; it simply happens and begins to grow if it is true.

The book Arwah a Cheehant is a story of love, feelings, emotions, and other essential aspects of love – as experienced by the lovers in our society. It delves into the true emotions and feelings of genuine love, presenting an accurate portrayal.

This collection Arwah a Cheehant is a novel-based book written by the renowned Balochi fiction writer Mujahid Baloch, who has made significant contributions to Balochi language and literature. He is the author of several other novels, including Science o Bane Adam, Zend a Gowargend, and many more. His remarkable contributions to the Balochi language and literature are enduring legacies within the Baloch community. As a writer, he has always been deeply committed to promoting the Balochi language and enriching Balochi literature through numerous novels and short stories. His compelling tale Arwah a Cheehant was published in Balochistan in 2022.

The book addresses some of the most significant issues in the Balochistan region and provides an accurate portrayal of love in our society.

The initial pages of the book shed light on one of the most pressing issues in Balochistan's educational institutions. Many students find themselves in the dark when it comes to choosing their educational paths due to the absence of career counseling services in their educational institutions. These pages reveal how Balochi students face challenges in selecting their desired fields for further education in Balochistan's schools, colleges, and universities. This lack of awareness about career counseling poses a significant threat to the educational aspirations of Baloch youth. Many students abandon their studies, and others are too despondent to continue their education. The book also introduces a character named Meeran, who grapples with the challenge of choosing a field for further education. With guidance and suggestions, he eventually secures admission in his desired field, Balochi.

Following these initial pages, the book unfolds the true picture of love and portrays the genuine emotions experienced in our society. The remaining pages revolve around a love story featuring the central characters Meeran and Mahgonag. They are the protagonists who exemplify true love to the readers in this book.

Meeran hails from a remote area of Balochistan known as Dazi. After completing his matriculation exams, he moves to Quetta to pursue higher education. One day, during a class, he sets his eyes on a beautiful girl named Mahgonag. At that moment, every sense in his body awakens: his nose detects her scent, his ears hear her heartbeat, and his eyes capture her beauty. It is an instant and passionate love.

Many attempt to define love in various ways, and Mujahid Baloch is among those trying to explain the true nature of love in his novel. Love can be directed toward anything in the universe, including the beauty of nature and human character. However, Mujahid passionately illustrates love as originating in the heart, gradually growing, and ultimately becoming as strong as the seed of a plant.

In the days that follow, Meeran's love for Mahgonag intensifies rapidly, though her responses do not encourage him. He persistently seeks a way to compel her to express her feelings for him, using the right strategy of love. Their journey of love commences as a result.

As the novel progresses, it reveals that love is shrouded in many secrets, but it can be unveiled when one employs the right approach and expresses genuine love, compelling the other person to reciprocate their feelings.

After enduring the trials and tribulations of their love story and completing their university education, Meeran and Mahgonag return to their respective hometowns, becoming separated from each other. It becomes exceedingly difficult for Meeran to bear the absence of Mahgonag in his solitary room. The novel highlights the thirst for love, portraying it as an unquenchable longing that only the object of affection can satisfy. Just as in the book, Meeran grapples with this intense thirst for love in the absence of Mahgonag's response.

After a series of challenges and complications, their feelings compel them to marry. Meeran invites his entire family and embarks on a journey to Mahgonag's home to win her love and become her life partner. Tragically, on the way, their car meets with a fatal accident, resulting in the death of all passengers, including Meeran. He breathes his last breath just before reaching Mahgonag's home to win her love. Mahgonag remains alone, dressed in bridal attire.

The book takes readers on a journey of love that ends before reaching its destination. After reading the book, one can only conclude that true love never truly ends. Regardless of the physical distance, if it exists in the heart, it endures. It is a heart-wrenching love story that has left a lasting impact on my reading journey.

The accurate depiction of love within Mujahid's narrative was deeply moving, as it portrays the genuine nature of love in our society. Therefore, anyone interested in understanding the profound and hidden secrets of love should read this book, as it may help them comprehend the essence of true love.