FIA Gives Clean Chit To Gen (retd) Bajwa’s Relative In Suspicious Transaction Probe

‘The FIA team conducted an in-depth inquiry and found the allegations baseless’

FIA Gives Clean Chit To Gen (retd) Bajwa’s Relative In Suspicious Transaction Probe

Sabir Hameed, a close relative of former army chief Gen (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa, has received a clean sheet from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in regard to a suspicious transaction probe.

The famous businessman's opponents failed to present any proof to back up their accusations, therefore, the FIA ended its investigation against him.

The FIA inspectors met with Hameed, who is connected to a large real estate company, and he showed all the necessary paperwork, including tax returns up to the fiscal year 2022, bank statements, information on both domestic and foreign real estate, automobiles, offshore businesses, etc.

Sources close to him said that the former army chief’s close relative was summoned by the FIA for the first time on October 23.

They said that while Hameed is a diligent Pakistani who does business in a transparent manner, his opponents have defamed him by making unfounded accusations against him. They said that the FIA team carried out a thorough investigation and discovered that the claims were unfounded.

The Anti-Money Laundering Circle (AMLC) called Hameed in response to FIA AML Circle Enquiry No. 226/2023. The call was made in accordance with Section 160, 1898 CrPC.

The letter stated that the summons was issued as a result of an ongoing criminal investigation by the agency into claims that he had made many questionable transactions into his accounts that did not align with his claimed company profile.

The letter claimed that Hameed had 19 bank accounts with a combined credit turnover of Rs5.34 billion, 14 of which were local and 5 of which were overseas.

It was instructed that he appear before the AML FIA Lahore with all pertinent documentation, including the original CNIC and FBR returns and declarations for the personal and commercial periods spanning from 2016 to 2023.

In addition, he was required to bring a list of all the countries he visited as well as an explanation of why. A list of all offshore/shell firms and business vehicles owned by the ex-army chief relative, his spouse, and family members were also instructed to be brought.

The FIA had also sought information on his family members and his worldwide and domestic holdings.