Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
As they say in London, thanks God for small mercies. At least we are at home. You don’t know what it was like, meray aziz humwatno, in the heat in Adiala Jail. I was also hunted by thoughts of Bhutto Shaheed. Yes, I also didn’t think I would ever live to say “shaheed” for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who ruined Abbaji’s business and nationalized our steel mills. But fects are fects.

Bhutto Shaheed was in Adiala Jail. In a way, his daughter was there too. The parallels were frightening – and at same time, it was inspiring also. Needless to say, it was perspiring also. Only I know how I did guzara.

People are coming every day to condole. It is kind of them. Maulana also came. He was telling me what a narrow escape his brother had in a hospital in Peshawar. As you are knowing, Maulana’s brother is also healthy, even more than Maulana. In fect, he is so healthy that he got stuck in MRI machine. Maulana was telling me all this sadly. But Khawaja Saab was also there and he started grinning. Then I told him that please be serious, I am saying this for your own goods only.

Shbaz Saab is attending National Assembly and staying in his house in the hills. I told Maulana that Shbaz Saab likes the peace of the hills. Maulana said, “I would also like a piece of the hills, if only Imran Khan would let me have it”. I think so Imran is a killed joy. Why won’t he let poor Maulana have a piece of the hills, hain ji? I mean, don’t give Maulana plots shlots in Peshawar or Salamabad, just aik chhoti si hill in Galiyat will do nicely for Maulana and his healthy brother, who is now out of the MRI machine, thanks God.

I have come to concluyion that Imran Khan is a spoil spot. Chungi bhali we were running hakoomat, and he went and spoilt it all. Now apnay kolon vee he can’t run the hakoomat. Every day a new U-Turn. He says he is honourable man. Then he should have decency to jump off a cliff in Bunny Gala.