West Overly Obsessed About Restraining China: PM Kakar

Kakar has said Pakistan intended to stay neutral in Russia's war with Ukraine and saw China as its

West Overly Obsessed About Restraining China: PM Kakar

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has said that Pakistan was concentrating on its own interests without picking a side in the struggle of great powers and that the West was "over-obsessed" with measures to control China.

The prime minister stated that Pakistan intended to remain "neutral" regarding Russia's war with Ukraine in an interview with the Washington Post that was conducted during his trip to New York to attend the 78th United Nations General Assembly session and was published on Wednesday. He also stated that Pakistan saw China as an "all-weather friend" and "strategic partner."

"There is no Cold War. Here, there is no iron curtain. It's not really that hazy. Everyone is aware of what is taking place,” the prime minister stated.

He said the West is "over-obsessed" with trying to restrain China. He explained to the interviewer that Pakistan was drawing a course to stay out of the rivalry between the West, Russia, and China.

PM Kakar said Pakistan has no plans to support either side in the escalating US-China conflict.

Pakistan paid a heavy price for cooperating with the West against the Soviet Union and once again following 9/11, according to Kakar.

He informed the interviewer that the West had unfairly handled Pakistan during the previous 30 years.

"Each country for itself. Why should we be concerned about this contest? It's a conflict between two superpowers and two ancient civilizations, and it has consequences for more than 150 nations. And Pakistan is only one of them," said PM Kakar.

The prime minister mentioned Pakistan's "neutral" posture towards Ukraine and stated, "This crisis is creating challenges and at the same time it is creating opportunities also within the region, and we are looking at it both ways."

Prime Minister Kakar said, "We have not gone for any sale that was directly intended for the Ukraine, not any sort of transaction, even through a third party."

He categorically refuted the claims made in a media report that Pakistan was shipping any munitions to Ukraine.

The prime minister also refuted the claims of wrongdoing about the arrest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers and contrasted Pakistan's actions to the American arrests of individuals responsible for the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

Arrests are being made for people who committed illegal acts, such as arson or vandalism, he added.

"This is not the sort of action that any liberal democracy would support or defend. Therefore, why is it even expected of Pakistan to support such actions?