Corruption Allegations: NAB Launches Inquiry Against Bushra Bibi's Friend Farah Khan

Corruption Allegations: NAB Launches Inquiry Against Bushra Bibi's Friend Farah Khan
The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has initiated an inquiry against former first lady Bushra Bibi's close friend Farah Khan, on account of money laundering and asset accumulation beyond known sources of income during the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

The inquiry was initiated after it was reported that the assets of Farhat Shahzadi, otherwise known as Farah Khan, had significantly increased during the Khan administration.

A notification issued by NAB said, "The NAB has authorised an inquiry against Farhat Shahzadi alias Farah Khan and others on the allegations of accumulation of illegal assets beyond known sources of income, money laundering and maintaining various accounts in the name of different businesses."

The statement went on to say that a turnover of Rs. 847 million had been discovered in her accounts, which is disproportionate to her credentials. "These credits were received in her personal account and withdrawn immediately after they were credited within a short time period," the statement added.

A review of Farah Khan's income tax returns reveal and exponential growth in assets from 2018 onwards, and around the same time period, her trips to foreign countries like the US and UAE also became far more frequent.

The notice also included that multiple media reports had alleged Farah Khan's involvement with illegal asset gathering.

A report by The News revealed that during the PTI regime, Farah Khan and her husband had exchanged gifts worth millions of rupees. The increase in assets wasn't restricted to just Farah Khan, as her sister had also accumulated wealth, such as 18 residential plots in Lahore.