Endangered Species Of Leopard Run Over On GT Road

Endangered Species Of Leopard Run Over On GT Road
According to a Tweet from the Twitter account of the Pakistan Strategic Forum (PSF), it is theorized that the animal ran onto the road, possibly chasing prey, when a truck ran over the unfortunate leopard and was then run over by another car whose bumper broke when it hit the leopard’s body.

A person with a camera following the car took a video of the animal’s body and put it online. PSF describes itself as an independent think tank run by an international team of researchers, delivering the intelligence you need to make informed decisions on geopolitics. They shared the video of the animal at the request of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) as an appeal for help because when the IWMB went to investigate, the body of the leopard was nowhere to be found. In the Tweet, they requested any eye witnesses to come forward as well as anyone with knowledge of this so that they can file an FIR because the removal of the body of this endangered species of leopard is illegal without the proper procedure.


They go on to explain that these leopards were important to the local environment as “they keep a control on the population of herbivores and remove the unhealthy animals from its habitat. Balanced population of wild herbivores is critical to the health of forest as they can easily overgraze, which can affect forest regeneration and growth. This in turn keeps diseases from spreading and maintains population of fit and healthy wild animals.”

Wildlife preservation has been ignored for the most part in Pakistan while people continue to obtain, keep, torture and kill animals on a daily basis. The issue of the endangered leopard in the Potohar Plateau has been a topic of interest amongst wildlife preservationists for quite some time. For as long as there is no legislation or law enforcement dedicated to wildlife preservation, it is likely these leopards will cease to exist soon.