Indian Paramedic Rapes Female Patient In Hospital

The victim says that she tried to ask a female nurse for help, but instead of helping, the female nurse started threatening her too.

Indian Paramedic Rapes Female Patient In Hospital

A 24-year-old lady admitted to the ICU of a private hospital in Rajasthan's Alwar district was allegedly raped by a nursing staff. 

According to Indian media, the alleged assault occurred about 4 a.m., with the survivor saying that the accused gave her an injection to make her unconscious when she attempted to raise an alert. 

The lady, who was being treated for a lung illness, described her horror after regaining consciousness and being reached by her husband by cell phone. 

According to reports in the media, the woman said that one of the male nursing staff members visited the ICU in the middle of the night. He pulled the curtains in the room, began making obscene gestures, and then injected the woman when she objected.

The victim said that when she regained consciousness, she attempted to make noise, which prompted the accused to threaten her with another injection. 

The alleged rape victim stated that she attempted to get assistance from a female nurse, but instead of doing so, the female nurse began to threaten her as well. 

According to media sources, as soon as her husband arrived in the morning, she informed him of the entire occurrence and filed a complaint with the police, who took action and got the ICU's CCTV video before arresting the accused. 

The accused, Chirag Yadav, has been taken for interrogation, and CCTV footage shows him approaching the victim's bed and covering it with curtains. 

An FIR has been filed, and officials are undertaking an extensive investigation into the traumatic occurrence.