Afghan Taliban Crack Down on Women's Education

Afghan Taliban Crack Down on Women's Education
Ever since the Afghan Talibans take-over after the US withdrawal of it's troops in August 2021, they have been slowly but gradually bringing back an era of darkness that so many people fought and died to end in 2001.

One of the first major decisions that the Taliban took was to bring back the oppressive measures against women and free speech that they employed in their previous reign of terror before 2001. In the past two years, they banned women from appearing in the media. They reinstated the strict dress code for women under threat of violence and have recently been banning both female students as well as teachers and professors from appearing in educational institutes.

The West has also done nothing to relieve the situation. In fact, humanitarian aid to Afghanistan has halted for two years merely because of the Taliban regime's presence. US President Biden had even frozen $7 billion of Afghan taxpayer money in the US and has promised to replenish the 9/11 victims fund with it. Not the money of corrupt Afghan officials or terrorists, but Afghan taxpayer money.

In the Afghan Taliban's most recent move against women, they banned female high school students from giving the 'Kankor'.

The 'Kankor' is a university entrance exam that is mandatory for any high school student that wants to pursue higher education in Afghanistan. Without it, no student can be allowed to attend any Afghan university.