Twitterati React To Report Exposing Foreign Funding To PTI

Twitterati React To Report Exposing Foreign Funding To PTI
Social media’s reaction to the Financial Times’ report that exposed foreign funding to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) through cricket matches organised under Wootton Cricket Limited – a company owned by Abraaj Group founder Arif Naqvi – indicates that most people are worried about the development.

The report titled “The strange case of the cricket match that helped fund Imran Khan’s political rise” said: “Naqvi transferred three instalments directly to the PTI in 2013 adding up to a total of $2.12 million.”

Commenting on the report, Khizar Hayat Shah tweeted: “The story of Financial Times is a bigger scandal than the Panama Papers, all the evidence of which has already been examined. There is no reason the ECP should still reserve the decision on foreign funding. If some unseen forces do this, they will suffer public wrath.”

Omer Azhar tweeted: “Another crucial point about Financial Times story on PTI foreign funding is that Wootton Cricket Limited, [the] company which funnelled foreign funds to [the] PTI, is incorporated as offshore company in Cayman Islands. IK [Imran Khan] created hue and cry over ‘offshore’ companies. He’s funded by one himself.”

Dr Yasser Saeed Khan tweeted: Mind-boggling details of PTI’s massive financial corruption through illegal party-funding documented by the Financial Times today. Imran Niazi and Arif Naqvi used Wotton Cricket‘s bank account to transfer charity funds illegally to PTI.”