TTP Seeking Merger With Al Qaeda To Enhance Influence: Report

TTP Seeking Merger With Al Qaeda To Enhance Influence: Report
A monitoring report sent to the UN Security Council warned that the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) may be aiming to unite with Al Qaeda to form an organization that would house all terrorist organizations operating in South Asia.

The report stated that "some [UN] member states expressed concern that TTP might serve as a hub for a variety of foreign groups to operate under or even coalesce, avoiding attempts at control by the Taliban."

The assessment, created by a UN panel that tracks terrorist activity throughout the world, supported Pakistan's argument that the TTP, which is outlawed, had grown in power in Afghanistan since the Taliban took power.

"One of the member states raised the prospect of [Al Qaeda and TTP combining]. According to its assessment, [Al Qaeda] is advising TTP to carry out more strikes within Pakistan, the report warned.

The report stated that members of the outlawed TTP also use the training facilities provided by numerous terrorist organizations in Afghanistan's Kunar region.

The TTP has desired to re-establish control of territory in Pakistan "since the reunification with several splinter groups and emboldened by the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan."

UN observers noted that the restricted TTP continued to concentrate on soft targets in urban areas and high-value targets in border regions.

"TTP capability is assessed as not matching its ambition, given that it does not control territory and lacks popular appeal in the tribal areas," the report added.

As part of the Taliban's efforts to contain the organization in response to pressure from the Pakistani government, the UN committee said that in June, some members of the TTP were shifted away from the border region.

The banned TTP might pose a regional danger if it maintains a secure operational base in Afghanistan, as member states expressed worry to UN monitors.

The UN committee revealed insight into how the TTP, which is prohibited, was growing in strength in Afghanistan after the Afghan Taliban seized power in August 2021. The report also emphasized how other terrorist groups were operating in the country's war-torn territory under the TTP's cover.

"The distinctions between members of Al Qaeda and affiliated groups, including TTP and [IS-K], are at times blurred at the edges, with individuals sometimes identifying with more than one group and a tendency for people to gravitate towards the dominant or ascending power," the report stated.

However, the UN report was denounced as inaccurate by Afghanistan's Taliban leaders. It is not true what the UN Security Council reported. According to Zabihullah Mujahid, the Afghan Taliban's main Twitter account, Al Qaeda is not present in Afghanistan.