Fact-Check: Imran Khan Shared One-Year-Old Video To Misguide Public

Fact-Check: Imran Khan Shared One-Year-Old Video To Misguide Public
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former premier Imran Khan has shared a video of partially burned oil tankers on his official Twitter handle with a caption claiming that his party leader from Sindh, Malik Shahzad Awan, was pressurized to leave the PTI, and on refusing to succumb to pressure, his fleet was ablaze and destroyed.

Khan further stated that all PTI ticket holders and aspirants are facing this treatment, their fundamental human rights are being violated openly, and the judiciary is not paying any heed to them.

As per facts, the video of burnt oil takers Khan shared on Twitter is from May 2022, and it's not from Karachi but Nowshera. The oil tankers were burned after a fire erupted at Tarujba Oil Depot in Nowshera, and it was PTI's government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during that time.

It seems that after executing propaganda through social media teams, Khan has now resorted to exercising it on his own and through his official account, probably in a bid to get the desired results.

There is a dying need to raise the standards of politics in the country and to retrieve its lost glory, which has been ruined by power-seeking politicians.

As there is a bombardment of fake news on social media, netizens are urged to always check multiple sources before relying on any information they receive through social media platforms.