Fact-check: No PTI Activist Or Rape Victim In This Picture As Projected

Fact-check: No PTI Activist Or Rape Victim In This Picture As Projected
An image is doing rounds on social media, and is said to be of a PTI activist or a rape victim, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

The former ruling party is running an active campaign on social media over the imprisonment of party's workers following the May 9 unrest.

In an apparent move to further the drive, an image was shared on one of such Twitter pages, showing a woman who had been allegedly raped under police custody.

It portrayed as if the women PTI workers were being mistreated under custody, and carried hashtags of 'release women prisoners' and 'Khan, you are not alone'.

But, our research shows that the picture is from 2021 and is related to a completely different subject and incident.

In the actual video, the woman is complaining to the police about her husband's mistreatment. Identified as Dua Chaudhry, she had reached out to the LEA after a fight with her husband.

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In another such twitter post, a number of uniformed men are seen blindfolding a youth and apparently torturing him, with the caption suggesting the interrogation of a PTI supporter in one of Punjab's jails.

But, research revealed that it is a video of training of the Special Service Group (SSG) of Pakistan Army and has nothing to do with the province's administration or the party's protesters.

CM Naqvi's presser

Addressing a presser earlier today, caretaker Punjab chief minister Mohsin Naqvi said, "Women have been treated fairly and according to the law."

The PTI is using propaganda to spread the idea that women are being abused in jails, he added.

CM Naqvi said that only 11 of the 32 women who were detained were still in jail today. The senior provincial official also stated that it is the responsibility of his government to guarantee the safety of “mothers and sisters.” He declared that “the events that occurred on May 9 are unprecedented.”

The chief minister also stated that the government will exercise no restraint, regardless of how powerful the alleged assailants of Jinnah House might be.

In answer to a query, Naqvi stated that Khadija Shah, a supporter of the PTI, was being held by police and an identity parade would be held for her.

Police caution public

Meanwhile, Punjab police have sent out a warning regarding the fake posts on Twitter and other social media platforms related to the alleged mistreatment.

In a twitter post, police said that some elements were uploading old images and videos to project that women activists were being molested under custody.

The LEA asked people not to pay attention to such mischievous propaganda, and refrain from sharing such media.

Police added that action is being taken against those who are behind such posts, under the cybercrime law.