Hyderabad Lawyer's 'No Fee Library' Initiative Attracts Students

Hyderabad Lawyer's 'No Fee Library' Initiative Attracts Students
"I wanted to provide a safe and befitting atmosphere to the students to study and explore things differently," says Arshad Hussain Soomro who has been running a coaching centre and a library in Qasimabad locality of Hyderabad since 2013, without charging a single rupee from students.

Hyderabad, one of the famous cities of Sindh, is better known for its peaceful environment and warm weather where people take different measures to beat the heat during this time of the year.

The exceptional move has not only earned him fame across the city, but has also attracted law students and CSS aspirants from across the province to approach him for guidance for their future.

The diminishing trend of book-reading convinced Soomro to set up a library, which has now transformed into a knowledge centre where students from different parts of the city arrive in the evening every day.

Arshad Soomro

They also seek knowledge from the 53-year-old literati who is a district attorney by profession and also teaches law at Mitha Ram Institute Law Campus, Sindh University.

Abdullah Khoso, one of the students benefiting from the initiative spoke of a lack of an appropriate place in the city where they could express their ideas and explore different things.

Talking about the initiative, Soomro said that initially, the idea was floated in 2012 by one of his friends, Noman Brohi.

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Considering the need of the students and his fondness for the cause, he went on to set up a library that has now transformed into a knowledge hub.

He added that he has been assisting students in the preparation of comparative exams, exams related to the judiciary, and law and graduate assessment tests. Besides, young lawyers also turn to his centre to shape their skills in advocacy.

"I have not charged even a single rupee from my student despite being asked by them to do so'', adding that he aimed to foster the concept of a knowledge society in the city.

The innovator is bearing all expenses concerning the library and the centre. As soon as the centre gained prominence, his friends and colleagues came forward to support the noble cause.

"I always reminisce about the contributions of Advocate Tabbasum Naz Awan, who is a sisterly figure to me for promoting my contributions in the field of legal education", he said adding that his friends have supported him in carrying the initiative forth.

Expressing his pride and pleasure, Soomro said several of the students are now serving as judges, judicial officers, and bureaucrats in different areas of Sindh.

He urged the authorities concerned to provide official patronage to such institutes for the future of the next generation.

The author is a practicing lawyer and freelance journalist. His areas of interest are cultural diversity and socio-political issues of Sindh.