'Not Anytime Soon': PML-N Denies Rumours Of Nawaz Sharif’s Return To Pakistan

'Not Anytime Soon': PML-N Denies Rumours Of Nawaz Sharif’s Return To Pakistan
Pakistan Muslim League - N (PML-N) leader Khurram Dastagir has said that Nawaz Sharif will not be returning to Pakistan anytime soon, because his medical treatments will keep the former premier in London for now.

Rumors swirled this week, following PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq’s musings on Sharif's imminent return.

Express Tribune quoted Dastgir as clarifying that the statement was only Sadiq voicing his 'desire' for the former PML-N leader to return, not a statement of fact.

However, an unnamed senior party leader told The Tribune that the PML-N had chosen to stay mum on the rumour, enjoying instead to watch the ruling party’s fervent alarm at the gossip of Nawaz’s homecoming.

“It is best to leave this rumour unattended and let the government make a fool of itself,” the party member contended.

PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal reaffirmed that the ousted PML-N leader’s will remain in London for treatment until doctors ordered it safe for him to fly.

“This talk of his return has no substance in it. They [PTI] have no information of his coming back,” Iqbal assured.

Another party member close to the Sharif family confirmed the PML-N’s denial of Nawaz’s return, explaining that the party leader’s return would not be made in haste.

“A party meeting will be called where a decision on Sharif’s return will be discussed at length. The party will have to figure out the post-arrest strategy as well.”

He reckoned, “If Nawaz Sharif himself decides to return to Pakistan the party will start making arrangements for warm welcome weeks in advance.”