Expect More Harsh Judgements As Judiciary Tries To Ensure Transparent Elections

PML-N has never been popular in Sindh and Karachi. Those groups in Sindh who opposed PPP have been coopted by PPP to protect their position in Sindh

Expect More Harsh Judgements As Judiciary Tries To Ensure Transparent Elections

The judiciary could prove to be the biggest hurdle in the plans for elections drawn up by powerful quarters and the courts are expected to issue strict orders in the coming days. 

The latest orders issued by the courts were the subject of discussion in the latest episode of Naya Daur TV's show Khabar Say Aagay.

During the episode it was discussed how the courts will be trying their utmost to ensure that fair and transparent elections are being held.

Bashir Bukhari said that even though the migration of electables into a particular party and the creation of new parties were indications of pre-poll rigging, but this time, heightened public consciousness and the judiciary's involvement will make it difficult for any individual or institution to rig the elections. 

Senior journalist Mujahid Barelvi said that politics in the port city of Karachi has changed and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has little role left.

He added that powerful quarters decide who forms a government in places like Karachi and Balochistan. 

On the talks between the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the MQM, Barelvi said that the MQM has offered seat adjustments in Lyari and Malir areas but it is not willing to discuss seats on which it has traditionally won.

He furhter said that the PML-N has never enjoyed mass popularity or support in either Sindh or Karachi. In other parts of Sindh, where ther were political groups who used to oppose the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), have now been co-opted by the PPP to secure seats in these areas.

But Karachi remains outside of PPP's grasp and the party will only be able to eke out a few seats in the megalopolis in the upcoming elections.