Israel, US & Allies are committing Genocide in Palestine: US Human Rights Expert

Israel, US & Allies are committing Genocide in Palestine: US Human Rights Expert

In this segment, host Rabia Mehmood engages with Professor Francis Boyle, an acclaimed international law expert, and a Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He is renowned for his pioneering work in applying the genocide convention to legal cases. With experience representing entities like Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Palestinian Authority, Boyle's expertise and advocacy for human rights make him a prominent figure in the field. 

They discuss the recent interim ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding the case of South Africa versus Israel, focusing on allegations of genocide in Palestine. The ICJ's ruling called for provisional measures and suggested a plausible risk of genocide by Israel in Palestine. Despite this, the ruling fell short of an immediate ceasefire, leading to disappointment among Palestinians as bombings continued. 

Professor Boyle explains the technicalities of the ICJ's ruling, interpreting it as a de facto call for a ceasefire due to the cessation of certain acts by Israel. He suggests that Pakistan could pursue legal action against Israel for genocide at the ICJ, emphasizing the court's role in addressing such issues.

The conversation also highlights the complicity of certain countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the UK, in supporting Israel financially and politically. These countries are accused of aiding and abetting Israel's actions, potentially making them complicit in genocide under international law.

Furthermore, the suspension of funding to the UN agency UNRWA, supporting Palestinians is discussed. Professor Boyle criticizes this move, labeling it an act of genocide due to its impact on the Palestinian population's access to essential resources. 

The conversation also addresses the International Criminal Court's (ICC) role in the Palestinian issue. Professor Boyle expresses disappointment in the ICC's inaction since 2009 despite Palestine's acceptance of its jurisdiction.

Lastly, the conversation touches on a lawsuit in the US accusing President Biden of complicity in genocide against Palestinians. Professor Bo supports the lawsuit, highlighting its significance despite potential challenges in the US federal judiciary system.