Why Iran Attacked Pakistan? And Pakistan Responded With Strikes| What Is Jaish al-Adl?

Host Misbah Azam is joined by Mr. Shuja Nawaz, a distinguished expert known for his extensive work on the Pakistan Army and Pakistan's political dynamics. 

The discussion delves into the recent events on the Iran-Pakistan border, seeking Mr. Nawaz's analysis of the motivations behind the cross-border attack and Pakistan's subsequent response.

Mr. Nawaz suggests that there appears to be a division within Iran, particularly within the Revolutionary Guard, regarding the decision to launch an attack on the group Jaish al-Adl . This group is perceived as a successor to Jundullah, which had previously been associated with attacks in Iran and alleged covert U.S. support. He also critically examines Iran's justification for not informing Pakistan beforehand, questioning the validity of time constraints as a satisfactory reason for the lack of communication between the two nations.