Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
I can’t belief it, they have stealed another seat for Mraan. “Is there anything more awful that they could have done?” I asked my sathis on Zoom. “Oh yes Mian Saab”, they all shouted in unison, “they could do something more awful by keeping him on the seat”. “It is worst mistake in recent mammary”, I told my sathis. “Oh no, Mian Saab, worst mistake in recent mammary is yet to come”, they all shouted in unison, “they mean to bring him back for another fife years in 2023.”

Dil to karta hai that I should stand up and say “KAR LO JO KARNA HAI. DO WHATSOEVER YOU CAN!” Is this any talk? Yeh koi baat hai? The whole world knows their hybrid system has failed. Zero butta zero. Anda. Egg. Problem is Shbaz Saab. He still thinks to be quite is best policy. He is sadly mistaken. We have no choice but to fight back. He tries to persuade me in different ways. The other day he called and said, “Bhaijan, do you remember when we were 6 and 8 and we had a big fight? I apologized and we made up when I told you that I could have been a lot worse because I could’ve been a twin.”

I was quite. Again he said, “Bhaijan, do you remember when the local carpenter let you try his saw? You ran after me trying to saw my legs off. Abbaji stopped you and you said, ‘but I was only trying to make him my half-brother!’” I was quite.

“Bhaijan, I’ve been so useful to you. Remember when we first went to China to persuade them to build CPEC in Pakistan?” I was quite.

“Bhaijan, I told them one in five people in the world is Chinese. There are five of us in our family, so my brother must be Chinese.”

I was quite. “The Chinese were so delighted, they immediately told you, ‘Su Pa! Wei won tu wok wei yu’ and signed all the CPEC agreements.” “Bhaijan ….?”

“I’m Big Brother”, I told him, “no question. No argument”. As the Chinese would say, “Mai Wei or Hai Wei.”