Weekend Picks: 5 Fun Things To See, Hear, And Do This Weekend

Weekend Picks: 5 Fun Things To See, Hear, And Do This Weekend
Before the weekend rolls around, we always seem to think we're going to do so much. But somehow, when the actual time comes, our minds draw a blank. Suddenly, all we want to do is stay in bed and catch up on sleep. And what that leads to, is a weird groggy feeling of regret come Sunday evening. Such a glorious weekend, and all gone to waste? Never again, we say, and then do the exact same thing next week.

Well not to fear, because we're back with another roundup of weekend suggestions for you!

  1. Movie: Inside Out

    It's probably safe to assume that we're all quite excellent at numbing our emotions and burying them ten feet deep underground. But that's precisely why it's an equally excellent idea to watch Inside Out, because this is a movie that is quite literally about accepting your emotions, all of them. It's cute, it's funny, it's sad and it's wholesome. If you have kids, they'll be happy, and if you think you ARE a kid then you'll be happy. Trust us. Treat yourself to some wholesome cuteness.

  2. TV Show: The Bear

    If you've ever thought you could probably open a restaurant or a bakery, you need to watch The Bear. The show is earning so much praise online and for good reason. It's fast paced, it's witty and it's rife with emotion and conflict and so much food. Highly recommend.

  3. Song: Vitamin D by Talal Qureshi x Faris Shafi

    Talal Qureshi and Faris Shafi came out with a banger that you're going to want to listen to on those long summer drives. As always the flow that Faris brings is mad smooth, and combined with Talal's production skills, the song is super catchy.

  4. Book: The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

    Taylor Jenkins Reid is a name you're probably familiar with by now, she's done a lot of really well-received books. This one is no different. It follows an Old Hollywood starlet Evelyn Hugo, who at the age of 79 gives her final interview to a young journalist. It's fascinating, riveting and romantic, and if that alone doesn't make you want to pick it up, who are you? It's a great light summer read to go through while on vacation.

  5. Activity: Go to the Lahore Museum

    Be honest, when is the last time you went to the Lahore Museum? It's probably been a while, which is why there's no time like the present to schedule a visit. What's more, it's probably air conditioned too, so it's weather friendly. Go, take your kids, make an informational fun day trip out of it.