Floods Destroy Crops In South Punjab, Sindh

Floods Destroy Crops In South Punjab, Sindh
South Punjab and Sindh have suffered damage from recent floods brought on by monsoon rains, water release from India, and flood currents from the mountain range.

Several regions of Rajanpur have been devastated by the river flood currents flowing from Mount Suleman, which have inundated numerous places and ruined hundreds of acres of cotton fields.

The market and cemetery at Ada Chak Shaheed are now underwater. The Chhachhar Nullah dike has cracked, and the water is swiftly spreading to neighboring locations.

The recent severe rains have made things much more difficult for the affected residents of these places, who are forced to live outside.

In the meantime, chaos has begun to spread over the Katcha area of Sindh as a result of the floods brought on by the water released from India as well as by the heavy rains in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Katcha region in the Khairpur tehsil of Gambat and Kingri has been flooded due to the River Indus' rising water level.

The inhabitants of more than 70 villages in the Pir Jo Goth and Gambat tehsils are trapped since they are shut off from the rest of the province.

The administration, meanwhile, has made no attempts to free the captive individuals or provide them with food. Conversely, crops like cotton and cane are now underwater.