Such Gup

Such Gup

On humanitarian grounds

It’s no secret that The Man of Steel’s begum isn’t faring well with her treatment in London. She should have been in remission from her cancer by now, given the aggressive treatment, but we hear her blood count hasn’t responded to the remedies, as expected. Clearly, she needs her husband and family to be with her at this difficult time. That’s why The Man’s request to the Supreme Adjudicators and his other tormentors, for some time off from his cases should be considered on humanitarian grounds.

In the making?

Is there a deal in the making? A deal which is being brokered by the Premier, on behalf of the ousted Premier & Co? If so, it’s taken a beating of late, because the Premier has earned The Boys’ ire. His stock was on the rise until he appointed his business partner as our rep to Uncle Sam, without a by-your-leave from The Boys. We’ve also heard that The Man’s Talented Bro is making waves in Her Majesty’s realm, and though he hasn’t met Mrs May, he’s made his Mark, the kind that was effective back in the day when the first “deal” was made.


Several ladies are making news these days, for a variety of reasons. First, there was a fight between two leading ladies of The Man of Steel’s camp – both of ministerial rank. One of them sent out an interesting tweet the other, a little opaque, though on closer inspection clearly in defence of The Man’s Dar-ling. The other lady who’s making “discreet” headlines is of course The Great Khan’s Peerni who puts in an appearance when The Khan’s friends and comrades are over for a meal, but never lifts her veil. Wonder how she lunches or dines or indeed sips her tea via the veil.