'SC Election Date Verdict Could Be Reviewed After Mohsin Dawar's Proposed Amendment'

'SC Election Date Verdict Could Be Reviewed After Mohsin Dawar's Proposed Amendment'
Legal expert Haider Waheed on Wednesday said that the judicial reforms bill passed today should have been tabled a long time ago. Justice Qazi Faez Isa had been objecting to how the top court operated, and his concerns made sense, he added.

Talking on Naya Daur TV's show Khabar Say Aagay, Haider Waheed however said the court could have been taken onboard with regard to the bill passed today.

"The fact is the reforms bill should have been tabled long ago. None of the amendments proposed are objectionable."

It was also the right step to curtail NAB's powers, but that too was delayed, Waheed added.

Discussing the legislation on the show, anchorperson Nadia Naqi termed the proceedings of today at the Parliament a good omen. She added that the SC election verdict could also be put to a review after Mohsin Dawar's proposed amendment.

"It is yet to be seen how the Supreme Court will react to the legislation," Nadia added.

Speaking on the occasion, investigative journalist Azaz Syed pointed out that this matter will now head to the Senate where the government does not hold majority.

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The bill, he added, will still pass if the 'real government' is in agreement with it.

Host Raza Rumi observed that the situation arising out of Justice Qazi Faez Isa's verdict was witnessed in 1997, too.

The bitter crisis brought Pakistan’s political and judicial history to one of its lowest points ever in November 1997, as the Chief Justice heard a case against the prime minister for contempt of court, the sitting government organised mobs to storm the court while it was in session – all in an attempt to have the hearing adjourned.

His brother judges removed Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah from his position in December 1997.

Rumi wondered as to why CJP Bandial doesn't pay attention to Justice Isa's concerns; he is a senior SC judge and the country's future Chief Justice.

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