Imran Khan Will Be Tried In Military Court For May 9 Attacks: Sanaullah

Imran Khan Will Be Tried In Military Court For May 9 Attacks: Sanaullah
Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that PTI chairman Imran Khan will be tried in a military court for his role in the May 9 attacks at the sensitive government and military installations.

Riots broke out earlier this month as the supporters of PTI chairman Imran Khan went on a rampage against his arrest from the IHC premises in the Al-Qadir Trust case. As the unrest ensued, the protesters torched government and military installations, and attacked an army vehicle in at least one instance.

During his interview with Dawn News on Tuesday, the minister accused Imran of personally planning the attacks on army installations prior to his arrest, saying he had the evidence to prove the claim.

When asked categorically if the former premier was facing the prospects of a trial in a military court, he said, "Absolutely, why shouldn't he [be tried]?"

"The plan he made to target the military installations and then had it executed, in my understanding, is absolutely a case of a [trial in a] military court," he maintained.

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Accusing the PTI chief of personally orchestrating the riots, he said, "They (Imran's supporters) chanted a slogan, 'Imran Khan is our red line', and then planning and preparation was carried out on his initiative and instigation."

"He carried it all out. He is the architect of all this discord," he said and reiterated that there was evidence to back the claim.

Sanaullah then said, "[the evidence] is documented, it is in tweets and his [Imran Khan's] messages," he added.

When asked by the anchorperson as to how Imran would have communicated with his party leaders from inside a jail cell, the minister replied, "All this [planning] was decided before he went [to jail]."

"They had decided as to who will do what and where, and what would be the strategy and duties when he is arrested; it had all been decided."