Last Living Suspect In Tupac Shakur's Murder Indicted

He was one of four original suspects who is believed to have been the leader of the group that shot and killed the rapper

Last Living Suspect In Tupac Shakur's Murder Indicted

Las Vegas prosecutors and police on Friday said they had arrested and charged a man with the 23-year-old murder of American musician Tupac Shakur.

Vegas police said that they had apprehended 60-year-old Duane "Keffe D" Davis, a man long known and suspected by police of being involved in the fatal attack on Tupac. He was subsequently charged with the murder even though he is not the one who is believed to have pulled the trigger.

"Duane Davis was the shot caller for this group of individuals that committed this crime," Las Vegas Police's Lt Jason Johansson said. 

"He orchestrated the plan that was carried out," he added.

Prosecutors later added that a grand jury in the Nevada state had indicted Davis on one count of murder with a deadly weapon. He is due in court next week.

Davis' arrest comes nearly four years after his eye-raising memoir "Compton Street Legend" came out, in which he admitted supplying the gun that was used to kill the celebrated rapper.

Questions on the role of the police and suspected gang affiliations were raised by former detective Russell Poole in a 2016 documentary on the murder of another prominent rapper, Notorious BIG (Christopher Wallace) and the possible link between the two murders.

Tupac Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting at a traffic stop shortly after leaving an event in Las Vegas on the evening of September 7, 1996. The case is among the top unsolved prominent murder cases of the US and one which had rocked the US musical industry and raised the curtain on the increasing gang and gang-like activity amid a spike in popularity of the "Gangsta rap" genre made popular by the likes of NWA and later Tupac Shakur.