Money Laundering Case: Special Court Issues Warrants For Moonis Elahi

FIA says they can't locate Moonis Elahi at known residences in Spain and England as court sets bail at Rs100,000

Money Laundering Case: Special Court Issues Warrants For Moonis Elahi

A special court in Lahore on Saturday issued arrest warrants for former Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader Moonis Elahi.

The warrants were issued by Special Court Central Judge Abdul Sattar Langah -- the duty judge -- while hearing the money laundering case against Elahi.

During Saturday's hearing, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) presented its report on efforts to bring Elahi to court.

The FIA investigating officer in the case told the court that summons were delivered to Elahi's residence in Spain, but he was not at the premises.

"On the last date of hearing, i.e. September 28, 2023, at both addresses of said accused in Spain, nobody was available there, in order to receive the summon," the court order noted the account of the investigation officer. 

The FIA further told the court that summons were also dispatched to the British High Commission for communication to Elahi within the territory of England.

The official said a similar lack of response was received at the available address of Elahi in England, adding that the summon was slipped under the door.

"Keeping in view of the special cause set down in application, affidavit of police officer u/s 74 Criminal Procedure Code and report of British High Commission, this court sees reasons to believe that the accused has absconded or he will not obey the summon," Judge Langha noted in his order.

"Hence, in interest of justice, the instant application moved by the police officer is accepted and the bailable warrant of arrest of Rs100,000 is issued against the accused Monis Elahi."

The court then adjourned further proceedings until October 11.

Earlier, the order noted the presiding officer in the case was changed on instructions from the Lahore High Court, thus duty judge Langha had to hear the case.