Pakistan Still Suffers From Feudalism

There are two extremes in our country. one side lives in prosperity and extravagance, whereas the other side lives in misery and depravity.

Pakistan Still Suffers From Feudalism

Feudalism has been reduced in most countries, but it is still remains a prevalent form of control in a few countries, including Pakistan, that has been corroborated since the country’s first dawn. Some savants interpret feudalism as “the process by which individuals give up their liberties in return for protection.” 

It is one of the intricate issues of the country that is being disregarded by the government, but it should be exterminated for the sake of harmless inhabitants.  

Shah Waliullah, an Islamic scholar, remarked, “Feudalism must be abolished for all, and in peace” and he expressed regret at “the situation, we should have abolished the feudal system after we gained Independence. We did not. Our neighbour (India) did and has been able to solve the problems for 70 percent of its people.” 

Feudalism was a set of legal and military customs in Medieval Europe that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries. It can be broadly defined as a system for structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land, known as a fief, in exchange for labor service. In contrast, in Pakistan, feudalism is running in another way, they are rude, arrogant, bigheaded, and brutal towards citizens. 

Pakistan mostly depends on agriculture, but most of the land is occupied by feudal lords, Nawabzadas, Pirs, Waderas, Khans, Chaudhuris, Sardars, and Shahs. Each feudal lord may possess thousands of acres of land, but most of it is non agricultural, desert land. 

These powers also entered politics since birth and now, are manipulating the country. Feudalism is one of the hindrances of the country, which does not authorise the country's progress because these lords do not let their people be educated, so that no one can raise their voice. 

The local police refuse to pursue charges against an influential landowning family even when murder or mayhem have been committed. However, in urban areas, fewer lords are present due to industrial development as well as education.

Provincially, feudalism is found in rural Sindh, Southern Punjab, and many areas of Baluchistan; however, the situation of rural Sindh and Baluchistan is worse than in Punjab and KPK. There are two extremes in our country. one side lives in prosperity and extravagance, whereas the other side lives in misery and depravity.

During the Ayub era, reform was mentioned, but it was limited only to individuals rather than well-fortified families; Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto also publicised that his agrarian reforms would improve the lives of the common people of Pakistan more than any other measure contemplated by his avowedly socialist and populist regime. 

In conclusion, it is time to make comprehensive plans to eradicate the feudal elite class and provide opportunities for honest younger patriots, who can work efficiently and will not allow opponents to intimidate and threaten the country. Spread education by building buildings throughout the country. As a result, no one will be deprived of legal rights.