1% Of Covid Cases In Pakistan Now Omicron Variant

1% Of Covid Cases In Pakistan Now Omicron Variant
Omicron cases now account for 1% of all new Covid-19 cases in Pakistan, after a family of 11 tested positive for the new variant.

The family was travelling from Lahore to Karachi when all were found to be carrying the Omicron variant.

An additional 12 cases of Omicron were detected in Islamabad this week.  District Health Officer Zaeem Zia reported that the number of confirmed cases Omicron cases in the capital city had increased to 32.

The rise in Omicron cases comes after the strain was first detected in Karachi in early December, and then in Punjab by the end of the month.  

Pakistan recorded its highest number of new coronavirus cases in the past four weeks yesterday, with over 480 new infections in a 24-hour period.  The majority of these cases, at least 300 of them, were reported in Sindh.

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) acknowledged the ‘rising threat’ of Omicron and compelled citizens to ‘get yourself fully vaccinated and follow SOPs!’


Globally, more than 7.3 million new Covid-19 cases have been reported in the past seven days, averaging 1,045,000 new infections every day.  It is the first time since the pandemic began that over million new cases of coronavirus have been reported in a day.