At the cusp of the new year, I have no words to describe Narendra Modi’s new act of daylight robbery, larceny and thuggery. How DARE he become the biggest threat to democracy, freedom and human rights in the subcontinent. That is MY job. MINE alone.

How DARE he unleash a campaign of hatred against The Other on social media that then translates into escalating violence and abuse in society? I ALONE am the Badshah of Badmouthing The Other – I have the copyright on creating a legion of social media trolls who specialize in insults, invective, name-calling, vitriol and the choicest abuse.

It’s just not fair – Modi had NO RIGHT to ignore the economy and concentrate on spreading hatred and descend to the lowest common denominator. That was MY invention and my preserve. But not to worry, he can’t beat me at my own game. I have hammered the Pakistani economy into pulp; Modi hasn’t done half the damage to the Indian economy that I have single handedly done to the Pakistani economy. Has he brought India to the verge of bankruptcy and default? NO. I have the signal honour of having done that to my country’s economy. Has Modi given rise to the worst inflation in India’s history? NO. I have achieved that in Pakistan. Has Modi left everything in shambles in just 3 years? No, he’s been at it for longer than me and he STILL hasn’t managed to create a royal mess of governance. I on the other hand, have done a splendid job of bringing governance to a halt in Pakistan.

That is not all. Modi has tried desperately to copy me by bringing in mad hatters like that Yogi Adityanath into government. Yogi is not a patch on my insane adherents like Gandapur, Vawda, Murad Saeed et al. You want proof that I am worse than Modi? Well, here it is:

Who’s the US pissed of with? Me or Modi? ME. Who’s the EU thinking of depriving of GSP+ status? Me or Modi? ME. Who’s China refusing to work with? Me or Modi? ME. Who are the Saudis pissed off with? Me or Modi? ME.

  1. ME. ME.

I am the NUMBER ONE unloved, insufferable, berated, pathetic world leader IN THE WORLD. So there.

Have a miserable new year

Im the Dim