SUCH GUP: Health grounds

SUCH GUP: Health grounds

Health grounds

Bored and jaded, The Great Khan is thinking of reshuffling his cabinet once again. This time, we hear, Sheeda Tully is for the chop. Einstein Chaudhry has been eyeing his slot for the longest time and he may well achieve his aim this time. In preparation for his ouster, Sheeda has taken to visiting the cardiac unit of an up-market Isbad hospital, so that he can say he is quitting the Min of Int on “health grounds”. Our mole overheard him berating some journos for not sufficiently publicizing his trip to the hospital.

Making hay

Meanwhile, Bozo The Clown who sits atop Takht Lahore at the pleasure of Her Holiness, is frantically making hay while the sun continues to shine. His minions in the Punjab Assembly are granting charters to universities and colleges like there was no tomorrow. Each charter costs its sponsors millions of rupees in bribes to parliamentarians who push the legislation. The one who Speaks for the Punjab goes along happily with this charade, for God knows how much compensation.

Shambolic meeting

If ever there was a shambolic meeting, it was the recent gathering of the brethren in Isbad. We hear Al-King’s rep sat fuming in his plane for nearly an hour because he refused to get into the decrepit bus that had been sent to fetch him from the aircraft. He insisted that a limo be brought to the tarmac, we hear, and did not budge until it came. The Iranian delegation was supposed to have been received by Shibli Eff, but the security guys at the VVIP enclosure did not let him through simply because they did not recognize him. Eff apparently kept remonstrating with them but they wouldn’t hear of it. The Iranians waited and finally got into the decrepit bus on their own and went off. Mera Sultan’s delegation on the other hand, had a red carpet rolled out for them and a line of FO officials was at the ready to receive them but before they could be thus meeted and greeted, they were herded into the beat-up bus by an over-zealous stupid officer and sent on their way. Ahahahahaha!