"Shackles on critical thinking have created a culture of cramming where students feed on notes instead of thinking on their own"


Education system


Knowledge stems from inquiry and critical thinking. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s education system does not encourage either of these. Rote learning and copy-pasting are the main rules for success.

There is great talk of the Chinese education model and economic reforms in Malaysia. These are being touted as the solution to Pakistan’s problems. It is surprising to see our rulers wanting to import models from other countries when they have made no effort to build institutions within Pakistan. Our education system is not uniform. It seems like there are two education systems – one each for the privileged and poor class. Even those who get a better education — with all the facilities and opportunities than most of Pakistan’s population — have a dearth of ideas. The shackles on critical thinking have created a culture of cramming where students feed on notes instead of thinking on their own.

Myra Arshad,


Safe milk


The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) recently issued a warning that fresh milk available in the market was contaminated with harmful and resilient bacteria. PMA said these bacteria cannot get eliminated even after boiling the milk. The association has recommended that people use packed milk which is pasteurised. We should be grateful for this public health warning. Milk is heavily consumed in our society and the warning should be taken seriously.

Still, one should be cautious while advocating consumption of packed milk. This milk is bought from buffalo farmers and is processed before packaging. It achieves ultra-high temperatures by subjecting milk to increased pressures which takes milk to about 130 degree Celsius. PMA should issue advisories on how to achieve safety without spending a lot of money on packaged milk.

Rubina Shah,


Driving rules


When will drivers in this country learn road safety rules? I will never forget an accident that I saw recently. A goat was hit by a speeding vehicle near a turning point. There were clear speed rules on that road, yet the driver chose to ignore them. If the government launches a crackdown on people flouting traffic laws, then they come out on the streets and protest against them. The government must appoint more traffic police in each street and save the lives of animals and human beings.

Adnan Maqsood,