Pakistan Condemns Killing Of Five More Kashmiris By Indian Forces

Pakistan Condemns Killing Of Five More Kashmiris By Indian Forces
Five more Kashmiris have been killed by the Indian security forces in Pulwama and Budgam of Indian-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir last week. Pakistan has strongly condemned the attack, adding the incident to the litany of extrajudicial killings in India's 'unabated reign of terror' in the occupied valley.

"Indian occupation forces have martyred at least 23 Kashmiris in fake 'encounters' and so-called cordon-and-search operations in the month of January alone," a statement from the MOFA said.

The Indian government has often claimed that those killed by its armed forces are Pakistani fighters.  However, the MOFA maintained that those killed were not working for Pakistan, but instead innocent bystanders in the long-standing violence in the region.

"We also reject and condemn the Indian officials’ lies insinuating the killing of an alleged 'Pakistani' resistance fighter. The Indian occupation forces are known to kill innocent Kashmiris passing them off as 'alleged militants', in the hope of getting monetary rewards or ‘gallantry’ medals," the statement said.

Pakistan again urged the international community to condemn India's violence in IOJK and to hold the country accountable for its crimes against humanity.

Earlier this month, a British law firm submitted of evidence of India's war crimes to the UK Metropolitan Police of war crimes, include torture, kidnapping, and the killing of activities, journalists and civilians in Indian-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK).  The law firm named General Manoj Mukund Naravane and Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah as responsible.