Want A Sculpted Body? Here Are The Nine Foods To Eat

Want A Sculpted Body? Here Are The Nine Foods To Eat
Belinda Norton, 45, from the Gold Coast, said she is a fan of eating foods that are 'grown in the soil and the sea' like salmon, carrots, brown rice and broccoli.

'Did you know that soil grown foods and sea water food have a higher mineral content than any other food source?' Belinda posted on Instagram.

The nine foods are fish, whole carrots, homemade muesli, oranges, avocados, greens, salad, broccoli, brown rice and quinoa.

'Whole organic earth-grown foods supply our body with the nutrients and minerals that no other products can do,' Belinda said.

'They are inexpensive, they also induce chewing, they are perfectly portioned to nourish and maintain energy.'

Norton also offer five tricks to what she calls 'eating and training like a girl.'

1. Quality over quantity: Focus on 60 focused minutes of moving your body properly and for purpose.

2. Incorporate weights: A 5-7kg hand weights speed circuit will improve your overall muscle strength and mobility

3. Train with alignment in mind: Focus on how the muscles move in your body to create results. You especially need to think about your hips and lower back if you're a women due to pregnancy and menopause. For this reason, yoga is key to ensure alignment and limit injury.

4. Focus on you: Avoid a 'crazy competitive mindset' and think about your own body and fitness and health journey.

5. Eat quality small meals often: Instead of going for large, energy-dense, draining meals, Belinda recommends you create high energy through the day and eat smaller healthy meals to avoid a slump. As much as possible, make sure these include real wholefoods.