Akbar Bugti’s Son Who Leaked Wife’s Nude Photos After Trying To Kill Her Being Protected By Ex-FIA Officer

Akbar Bugti’s Son Who Leaked Wife’s Nude Photos After Trying To Kill Her Being Protected By Ex-FIA Officer
Former Balochistan governor Nawab Akbar Bugti’s son Shahzwar Bugti allegedly tried to have his wife killed over her attempt to walk away from him due to domestic violence and his coercive behaviour. Shahzwar’s plan to kill 31-year-old Wishah Abubakr, his wife of six years, was thwarted by his aide who he had tasked with murdering her.

Wishah Abubakr told Friday Times that her husband had sent a target killer to Dubai (where she currently resides after her separation with Shahzwar) in March this year and asked him to kill her. The man however informed Wishah of her husband’s intention and sent false proof of her murder to Shahzwar who then thought that he had succeeded in killing his wife.

Private pictures leaked

Shahzwar was livid when he found out a month later that Wishah was in fact alive and he was lied to. “I will show you what a real dead body looks like,” he told his aide who had refused to kill Wishah. As an act of revenge, Shahzwar WhatsApped his wife’s nude photos to several people including her relatives, neighbours and domestic staff. He also recorded a video of himself leaking the photos and sent it to Wishah.

“He thought I would commit suicide after finding out that my photos have been leaked. He was confident that he would easily get away with it,” Wishah says. She added that Shahzwar’s mother, Shehzadi Nargis Bugti, was fully aware of her son’s actions and was an accomplice.

Last month, Wishah filed a case against her husband in the Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) after which he was booked for leaking the photos. She now seeks security from the authorities, saying that her husband will attempt to kill her again.

Former Additional DG FIA protecting Shahzwar

Shahzwar Bugti has failed to appear before the FIA thus far. However, former FIA additional director general Chaudhy Manzoor Hussain and his wife Sana Manzoor, who are Shahzwar’s family friends, have been appearing before the authority on his behalf.

When contacted, Sana Manzoor said that she and her husband were supporting Shahzwar because he was going through a ‘tough time’ after being ‘framed’ by his wife. Denying the charges levelled against him, she said that Wishah’s allegations were ‘very difficult to prove’ in courts. She vowed to take media channels that reported Wishah’s allegations to court. “I will meet the PEMRA Chairman and ask him how this woman [Wishah] is being allowed to appear on TV and level false allegations,” she said, implying that her husband can use his influence to protect Shahzwar.

Accusing Wishah Abubakr of trying to defame the family for money, she said, “Shahzwar is a Nawab of the Bugti clan. He could have chosen to live in Balochistan if he had anything to hide. But he and his mother live in Karachi and are law-abiding citizens.”

She however failed to explain as to why Shahzwar has not appeared before the FIA to come clean on the allegations.

Lawyer receiving threats

Wishah Abubakr’s lawyer, Hassaan Niazi, says he is being threatened to back off. He claimed that Chaudhry Manzoor has been offering them money in exchange for withdrawing the case.

According to Hassaan, it is an open and shut case as the recording of the target killer’s phone calls are available. He adds that Shahzwar is currently in hiding and had been living at Chaudhry Manzoor’s home in Lahore until recently.

The counsel for the complainant also said that a false FIR was registered against him on Nargis Bugti’s complaint wherein she had accused him of manhandling her. The CCTV footage of the incident, however, revealed that an exchange of hot words took place between Hassaan and Bugti’s lawyer outside the court, but Nargis had remained unharmed. “These are all tactics to cover up Shahzwar’s crime,” he said.

Shahzwar’s history of violent behaviour

Wishah claims her husband used to beat her up over petty matters and had become even more violent after the birth of their child because he did not want a daughter. “I was beaten even when I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old daughter,” she says.

As per Wishah, there are several eyewitnesses of Shazwar’s violent behaviour, but they are afraid to come forward until he is arrested. She further claimed that a female domestic help who once sided with her during a scuffle was tied to a chair and beaten black and blue by Shahzwar. Another woman whom he knew through Facebook was also allegedly tortured by Shahzwar over a dispute in Karachi. She was admitted to the ICU after being severely injured by him. Wishah says the victim’s family did not press charges out of fear.

Ex-girlfriend accuses Shahzwar of rape

29-year-old *Samina, who was in a relationship with Shahzwar in 2010, told Friday Times that he sexually assaulted her twice. She says she was unaware of Shahzwar’s violent personality when she began dating him in 2010, shortly after they struck up a friendship through social media.

She says the relationship with Shahzwar was abusive from the get-go, but she was too naive to understand the dynamics at the time.

Samina was in the US when she began chatting with Shahzwar. In 2010 when she visited Karachi for a few weeks, she met Shahzwar for the first time in person and they began meeting in his apartment in Karachi’s Clifton area. “During our second meeting, he coerced me into staying and then raped me,” she said, adding that she left the apartment crying after the traumatic incident. She said that despite the incident she went back to him thinking that he may be apologetic and won’t repeat this behaviour. “I was raped once again during another meeting in his apartment,” she said.

Samina says she was reminded of her time with Shahzwar when she heard about the Noor Mukadam murder case. “There are at least 14 similarities between Zahir Jaffer and Shahzwar’s personality that I wrote down after hearing about the brutal murder of Noor Mukadam. Like Zahir, he was also a drug addict and was habitual of issuing unhinged sexual remarks during private conversation,” she says.

She further said that both Zahir and Shazwar had an ‘erratic behaviour’ and relatives who enabled their violent actions.

Samina who now resides in New Jersey, US, reached out to Wishah Abubakr after she saw her video messages on Instagram saying her husband wanted to kill her. “I was not surprised when I heard Wishah’s story,” she says. She however added that Shahzwar would be able to escape the law due to his influential background.

Despited repeated attempts to reach him, Shahzwar Bugti was unavailable for comment.

*Name changed to protect identity

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