'CJP Vowed Support For A Judge, Why Didn't He Stand With Qazi Faez Isa?'

'CJP Vowed Support For A Judge, Why Didn't He Stand With Qazi Faez Isa?'
Today, CJP says he stands with his judge. Where was this spirit when he was hearing a reference against a fellow judge and forced his wife to appear in the court as she walked with a stick, says senior journalist Iftikhar Ahmed.

He told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi that Pakistan has reached a decisive point where either the people will win, or the powerful people sitting in the courts, establishment, and other institutions will.

When we see registrars annulling the decisions of the judges, we can understand that it's the final phase of the crisis.

Ahmed found a resemblance between the remarks made by the CJP and a political leader. "Is it just a coincidence, or something else," he asked.

He predicted that three judges will order on Tuesday that the elections be held within 90 days, and the ECP will reply that it can't.

"What kind of a democracy allows three people to decide for the country on whether polls should or shouldn't be held."

Analyst Murtaza Solangi observed that the CJP had an opportunity today to improve his image. "It seems that the Supreme Court is represented by just the top judge and his like-minded judges."

Earlier today, a three-member bench of the Supreme Court led by CJP Bandial turned down AGP Mansoor Awan's request to form a full court to hear PTI’s plea against the Punjab elections delay.

According to the court, the law or the rules don’t support the composition of a full court and doing so would take the matter back to its start.

The judge also disregarded the order issued by Justice Qazi Faez Isa and Justice Aminuddin Khan on his suo motu powers and said it violates the rules laid down by a five-member larger bench.

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