Pakistan's 250m People Can't Be Left To Zardari, Nawaz: Fawad

Pakistan's 250m People Can't Be Left To Zardari, Nawaz: Fawad

Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf stalwart Fawad Chaudhry on Wednesday said that the 240 million people of Pakistan cannot be left to Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, as PTI defectors talk to media.

Fawad made the remarks as he addressed a presser outside the Adiala Jail alongside Imran Ismail and Mahmood Baqi Moulvi.

The former information minister held the incumbent government “directly responsible” for the political and economic uncertainty in Pakistan.

“It will not be possible at any cost that the position of opposition is left vacant” and the coalition is given an open space to do what it wants.

Fawad reminded media persons that he and others had condemned the events of May 9, referring to the attacks on sensitive government and military installations.

He also stressed the need for a "collective responsibility" to help the "numerous innocent people" who're currently behind bars.

"The people in jail were not directly linked to these matters and bringing them out is our collective responsibility. Even what happened before, it was our collective responsibility to stop it,” he added.

Talks held

The former federal minister also said that he had contacted and held talks with the PTI leadership. "We also held a detailed talk with Asad Umar and Shah Mahmood Qureshi," he revealed.

Umar had earlier announced to quit all party positions, including the core committee, while there were also rumours of Qureshi considering a similar decision.

"We believe that Pakistan needs to move towards a stable solution and we will, God-willing, head in that direction," he maintained.

Earlier, Fawad announced to part ways with PTI chairman Imran Khan, and said he had resigned from the party position.

"Ref. My earlier statement where I unequivocally condemned 9th May incidents, I have decided to take a break from politics," he said in a tweet.

“Therefore, I have resigned from party position and parting ways from Imran Khan,” he added.