SUCH GUP: Reimagining Caretakers, Return Of Helicopter, And The Truck Adjudicator

SUCH GUP: Reimagining Caretakers, Return Of Helicopter, And The Truck Adjudicator

Election date

The restructuring of the system is required to counter the growing popularity of the Great Leader. Many hopefuls have been interviewed while some are desperately knocking at the infamous Gate No. 4 in Pindi. The problem is that No. 1 is not too responsive to such unsolicited meetings. Cynics also claim that some reimaging to fix Pakistan’s issues is at work; and a team has been drawn up. But this plan would require the support of a few powerful adjudicators.

Helicopter party

Our mole in Lodhran says that the sugar baron has ordered a tailor near Gate No. 4 to stitch a sherwani for him. The helicopter is being refuelled to gather all spent forces to launch a helicopter party. Once upon a time this helicopter used to land at Bani Gala; now its destination is unknown. The baron has been telling everyone that his disqualification will be over soon, and he will return to the parliament. It is rumoured that this helicopter group might join hands with the Hubby’s party.

Wheels within wheels

The law aiming to clip the suo motu wings of judges is viewed as a means to target the adjudicator-in-chief. A little fly on the wall in Isloo says that the new has been enacted to render his successor toothless. The powers-that-be think that since the successor is deemed way too independent, it would be good to have a safety valve in operation. The anxiety among Great Leader’s supporters therefore is misplaced, our mole says.

Trucking with justice

The news is that the adjudicator, who was referred to as the truck wala, will be in trouble when the new top adjudicator assumes charge in September. The truck wala adjudicator is close to Chory Perv. His twin sons, who until very recently were amassing lots of social capital, are keeping a low profile these days given the growing pressure. Our mole says that the adjudicator has many supporters in powerful quarters and might just sail through this storm.