Islamabad Police ASI Who Had Gone Missing Returns Home 'From Murree'

Islamabad Police ASI Who Had Gone Missing Returns Home 'From Murree'
Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Zahoor Ahmed of the Islamabad police who had reportedly gone missing from the capital city under mysterious circumstances has returned home 'from Murree,' it has emerged.

Ahmed went missing on Monday and the police were reportedly reluctant to file a case.

Journalist Asad Toor claimed that the capital police refused to register a First Information Report (FIR) despite application by the missing policeman’s family. Later, the journalist tweeted that the kidnapped ASI had stopped an agency’s vehicle a few days ago and had a heated exchange with those in the vehicle. Asad alleged that the ASI was kidnapped by members of the same state agency and that was why the police were not registering an FIR. 

Senior Journalist Hamid Mir also commented about the incident on social media. He wrote that the federal capital had become a hub of lawlessness where even the custodians of the law were not safe.

A few hours later, it emerged that the ASI sent two voice notes to his wife saying that he is in Murree, a hill station at an hour’s drive from Islamabad, and will come back in a few days. 


According to reports, the ASI returned home earlier today (Wednesday).