Such Gup

Such Gup


Reliable sources say a decision had been made on the fate of the rotund Hafiz and his Toy Boy followers, as also with “Maulana” MA and his gang. Apparently, they were to be “restricted” until further orders along with their key lieutenants. This was to be a sop to the Injuns following the Pulwama attack, and a sort of douser of flames. But then our neighbours went and upped the ante, so the plan was shelved and now God knows if or when it will ever see the light of day.


Last week, The Man of Steel’s bail was looking like a distinct possibility, and it was common knowledge amongst his followers that they should be ready and prepared to celebrate at a moment’s notice. So, there they were, bands of the faithful, with tokras of mithai at the ready. They were to be sorely disappointed when the honourable court rejected the application. We hear there was a background to this. It all began when The Man’s Talented Bro was allowed bail in both his cases. The news came to The Great Khan in the middle of a cabinet meeting. Our mole who was present in the meeting, says that a messenger came and whispered something in The Great Khan’s ear, whereupon The Khan was visibly disturbed. He regained his composure after a few minutes but not before everyone in the room had noticed that something was amiss. He then let it be known how much he disapproved of the court’s decision and how accountability would become a farce if “people like these keep getting bail”.

The Khan apparently took this up with his mentors, and threatened to “go home” if the practise of leniency with The Man & Co continued, giving the lie to his oft-repeated mantra that there would be no deal. Our mole reports that this is when everyone sighed and acceded to The Khan’s wish, putting paid to The Man of Steel’s expectation that he would be bailed out.