Hamza Tahir - Honored With Excellence Award For letsremotify By President Arif Alvi 2024

President Dr Arif Alvi presented the prestigious award to letsremotify’s Co-founder and CTO Hamza Tahir at the President House in Islamabad for becoming Pakistan’s fastest-growing remote company

Hamza Tahir - Honored With Excellence Award For letsremotify By President Arif Alvi 2024
Hamza Tahir - Honored With Excellence Award For letsremotify By President Arif Alvi 2024
Hamza Tahir - Honored With Excellence Award For letsremotify By President Arif Alvi 2024
Hamza Tahir - Honored With Excellence Award For letsremotify By President Arif Alvi 2024

Winning the Honorable Award for letsremotify
The President of Pakistan H.E. Dr. Arif Alvi has presented the prestigious award to letsremotify’s Co-founder and CTO Hamza Tahir at President House in Islamabad, in the capacity of Pakistan’s fastest-growing remote company under the category of embracing financial inclusion and business transformation on Feb 19, 2024 at Biznet. 

"At letsremotify, our mission is to redefine excellence in remote work. With our headquarters in the United States, a strong regional presence in Pakistan, and a growing footprint across Europe, Latin America, and the MENA region. We're dedicated to cultivating an inclusive remote work environment, particularly for the talented tech workforce in Pakistan. By fostering a culture of empowerment and providing top-tier employment opportunities, we aim to not only elevate individual success but also contribute to the economic prosperity of the nation. Let's pave the way for future generations to achieve undeniable victories together while building a sustainable remote world beyond any limitations." 

- Hamza Tahir, Co-founder & CTO letsremotify

Best Platform for Remote Workers & Freelancers in Pakistan
In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of individuals opting for freelance careers, heralding a new era of economic empowerment and innovation. From the bustling streets of Lahore to the vibrant tech hubs of Karachi, freelancers are reshaping the traditional employment landscape, embracing the freedom of remote work and leveraging their skills to compete on a global stage.

Fueling this freelance revolution is a perfect storm of factors. With a youthful population and increasing internet penetration, Pakistan boasts a burgeoning pool of talent eager to harness the opportunities of the digital age. 

Serving as the best platform in 2024 for remote jobs in Pakistan, letsremotify is the preferable marketplace for employing remote tech talent and freelancers, who are surely above 3 million in number and can generate a rapidly increasing revenue of $400 billion. 

letsremotify as an innovative AI-powered top talent marketplace that with 100,000+ vetted talent from 60+ countries, has placed 1000+ remote workers with Silicon Valley-based top tech companies and startups. 

Letsremotify as AI-Powered Remote Company for Next-Gen
At letsremotify, talent acquisition is redefined through cutting-edge AI technology, streamlining the hiring process for both candidates and companies. Our advanced AI conducts top-notch technical screenings and automated video interviews, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates make it through the vetting process.

With our innovative Top Talent Marketplace, companies gain access to a pool of vetted talent within just 24 hours. Our AI-driven matchmaking algorithms analyze both candidate profiles and company needs, facilitating seamless connections between the right talent and the right opportunities.

This unparalleled efficiency means that companies can quickly access the skills they need to drive their projects forward, while candidates can find their ideal roles with ease. At letsremotify, we're not just revolutionizing remote work—we're reshaping the future of talent acquisition, one AI-powered match at a time.

Hamza Tahir - Winner of the President Award in 2024
Meet Hamza Tahir, a distinguished entrepreneur whose expertise in tech entrepreneurship and innovative product development transcends borders, positively impacting lives worldwide.

Notably, his previous venture, Simi App, a Singapore-based social platform, not only secured huge funding from the Singapore Government DBCS but also became a lifeline for communities seeking solace and interaction amidst unprecedented challenges. Simi App served as more than just a platform; it was a beacon of hope, fostering lively and meaningful connections among families and close-knit communities, ultimately touching the lives of thousands in a time of need. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Hamza served as a growth consultant for industry leaders such as Meta, AWS, Slack, and Techstars, where he played a pivotal role in shaping growth, product development, and scaling strategies across various global markets.

Currently serving as the talented Co-founder and CTO of letsremotify, Hamza is driven by an unyielding enthusiasm for learning and a steadfast commitment to elevating both local and global tech ecosystems through the transformative power of technology entrepreneurship. With a wealth of experience and an innate ability to navigate complex challenges, Hamza Tahir continues to push the boundaries of innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the tech landscape wherever his journey takes him.

Promising a Sustainable Tomorrow with letsremotify
Creating a greener planet comprises a multifaceted perspective that encompasses various initiatives for environmental sustainability and ecological balance. Focused on this endeavor, United Nations Development Program goals were designed to ensure their compliance for a sustainable future availed by the next generations to come.

In our remote company, we are strongly committed to championing the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) goals while nurturing an eco-friendly environment for everyone. Through innovative practices like remote work, we can deteriorate our carbon footprint and contribute to global sustainability efforts. By integrating the UNDP objectives into letsremotify’s vision, we strive for environmental conservation and ensure social equity globally, promoting only the true tech talent.

BizNet 2024’s Theme of Financial Inclusion & Business Transformation
BizNet follows a peculiar theme every year. The 2024 theme of the BizNet Awards revolved around financial inclusion and business transformation. The intersection of financial inclusion and business transformation takes place when businesses utilize innovative fintech and business models to expand as an organization beyond the limitations or challenges faced. 

Now, you are unstoppable by choosing the right platform for the remote workforce by joining hands with letsremotify!