Police Operation Continues In 'Kacha' Area 

Police Operation Continues In 'Kacha' Area 
A police operation is underway against bandits in the Kacha area of South Punjab on the directions of Punjab Police Inspector General (IG) Dr. Usman Anwar.

The police force has destroyed the hideouts of seven high-profile criminals during the ongoing operation. Hideouts of criminals named Nazeer Lathani, Irshad Lathani, Shabeera Lathani, Fareeda Kokani, Ishaq Jhobra Sikhani, Abdullah Sikhani, and Hafiz Meher have been burned by police personnel.

Police have established several camps in the Kacha area after destroying the hideouts of the bandits. The police force is heading forward into the interior areas of Kacha to destroy the hidden spots of criminals.

The police force has organized a mechanism for patrolling and monitoring the areas recovered from the criminals' possession. Police have established check posts at entry and exit points in the Kacha area and deployed snipers there.

The police will continue the operation until the last criminal is eliminated from the area.